MacEwan University's: Portfolio Show Website 2017

Website Design

Find Your Design Match is a website showcasing MacEwan University’s year end portfolio show for the Design Studies graduating class of 2017. This year's theme showcases a glimpse into the unique personalities of 30 designers through the concept of matchmaking. This was executed through an online survey and cheesy online-dating language.

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My contribution to the design included the 8-question survey, survey results and designer profiles. This sequence of pages not only allow industry professionals but the general public to participate in revealing the top 3 graduates most similar to them. Offering site-goers a new level of interactivity prior to the event.


Interface Design - Kasiana Croskery-Sasorith & Emily Rogers
Identity Design - Matthew Jacula, Alex Stewart & Toni Zendran
Photography - Matthew Jacula & Alexa Tonn